Conduct Standards


The Code is designated to set a conduct standard and to provide guidance to all employees of the company in order for them to comply with ethical and legal obligations to act in an ethical manner.


The Conduct Standards can be found below (click + to read more)

Customer Care
We know the needs of our customers and take the responsibility for the best performance and safe services. As a service company we know the value of our customer. We will ensure that we have open and creative dialogue with our customers and partners and understand their needs to secure successful business relationship for today and also for the future.
Safety in all its aspects is our first priority. We ensure the safety, health and welfare of airlines, partners and employees at all times. Employees need to carry out similar responsibility in their day to day business. All employees should comply with safe work practices, rules and regulations and should take sufficient time to work safely.
Long-term profitability is essential to achieve our business goals and to ensure continued growth. We will provide necessary corporate resources for the investments that are required to meet our customers need today and tomorrow. Without solid financial foundation and profits it would not be possible to fulfill our needs and responsibilities.
Compliance with law
We are committed to operate our businesses in compliance with law. Employees are required to observe and comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, including internal rules and regulations.
Business Integrity
We expect our employees will follow at all times the highest ethical standards and legal obligations. It is prohibited to perform any activity that may cause damage to our customers or employees with respect to costs and company’s reputation. We will not accept corruption, extortion or bribery. Payments of commission and services may only be made to such persons and accounts of the company in accordance with established procedures.
Integrity of Financial Recording
Our books and records must be maintained accurately, in reasonable detail, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. No records or information will be manipulated for the purpose of altering or distorting business results, and no deliberate misrepresentation or false or inaccurate entries will be made for any purpose.
Any information used for the purpose of operating the business should be protected against loss, infringement and improper use and disclosure.
Environmental Protection
We are committed to develop environmental friendly services and are searching opportunities to improve environmental performance to limit and reduce our emissions. We look for the ways to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and services.
Social Responsibility
We are committed to operate socially responsible to support the protection of human rights. We offer safe and harassment free working environment and conditions. The company will provide a discrimination-free work environment.
We run our business operations in accordance with the highest standards of internationally accepted principles.
Awareness and Communication

This Code of Conduct and the importance of it are communicated to each employee. It is the responsibility of the management to ensure that every employee under their supervision is aware of this Code and the obligation to report any violation promptly.