Cargo Terminal


AACT Cargo terminal was established as a joint venture between Atlas Air, Inc. and Sharp Aviation K, Inc. in 2008. Located in Incheon Int’l Airport, 1 & 2 cargo terminals are capable of handling 280,000 tons of cargo and mail yearly.

Our global cargo handling warehouse controls cargo with the most advanced IT distribution system, integrated with Incheon Airport’s AirCIS system, and Korea’s custom system. Through our PDA and RFID database tracking system, we are capable of providing high quality, secure, efficient, and reliable logistics services.

AACT Terminal 1

  • Total Floor Area : 15,391.98 m2
  • Building Area : 12,510 m2
  • Capacity : 140,000 Ton

AACT Terminal 2

  • Total Floor Area : 19,543.76 m2
  • Building Area : 15,311.70 m2
  • Capacity : 140,000 Ton


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