Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

The experts at Sharp Aviation K, Inc. focuses on the technical, functional and safety aspects of ground support equipment (GSE) and their impact to the environment.

We continually review the policies and guidelines published in the IATA Airport Handling Manual (AHM), Airlines Ground Handling Manuals and Operation Procedures.

The wide range of aircraft ground operations activities leads to an equally wide-ranging fleet of GSE. Here is the list of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) used by Sharp Aviation K, Inc. in Korea

The list of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) can be found below (click + to read more)


Dollies for ULDS (Unit Load Devices)

We have hundreds of dollies for pallets and containers suitable for all ULD sizes from AKH sized to up 20” pallet. All dollies are maintained in Korea by our trained technicians.

Chocks are used to prevent an aircraft from moving while parked at the gate or in a hangar. Chocks are placed in the front and back of the wheels of landing gear.
Tugs and tractors
The tugs and tractors are used to move equipment. This includes baggage carts, Air Conditioning Units, Air Starters and passenger stairs.
Ground Power Units (GPU)
Aircraft require 28 V of direct current and 115 V 400 Hz of alternating current. The electric energy is carried from a generator to a connection on the aircraft via 3 phase 4-wire insulated cable capable of handling 261 amps (90 kVA). These connectors are standard for all aircraft, as defined in ISO 6858.

Aircraft refuelers can be either a self-contained fuel truck, or a hydrant truck or cart. Fuel trucks are self-contained, typically containing up to 10,000 US gallons of fuel and have their own pumps, filters, hoses, and other equipment. A hydrant cart or truck hooks into a central pipeline network and provides fuel to the aircraft. There is a significant advantage with hydrant systems when compared to fuel trucks, as fuel trucks must be periodically replenished.

Apron buses have a low profile and have wide doors on both sides of the bus for most efficient passenger movement and flexibility in depot parking.
High loaders
Our High Loader units have payloads from 3.5, 7, 14, 20, 30 and 35 tons and are used for the loading and unloading of containers and pallets into and out of aircraft from passenger to cargo aircraft. We can handle all types of passenger aircraft to full freighters.
Transporters are cargo platforms constructed so that, beside loading and unloading containers, they can also can transport the cargo. These transporters are also used by us in Korea.
Air Start Unit (ASU)
An Air Start Unit is a device used to start the aircraft’s engines when the aircraft’s APU is not operational.
Potable Water Trucks
Potable water trucks are special vehicles that provide water to an aircraft. The water is filtered and protected from the elements while being stored on the vehicle.
Lavatory Service Trucks
Lavatory service vehicles empty and refill lavatories on board aircraft. Waste is stored in tanks on the aircraft until these vehicles can empty them and remove the waste. After the tank is emptied, it is refilled with a mixture of water and a disinfecting concentrate.
Catering Trucks
Catering includes the unloading of unused food and drink from the aircraft, and the loading of fresh food and drinks for passengers and crew. The meals are delivered in standardized carts. Our Catering Trucks consists of a lifting system, platform and an electro-hydraulic control mechanism for all Aircraft types including A380. The body is made of insulated panels and is capable of maintaining needed temperatures.
Belt loaders
Belt loaders are vehicles with conveyor belts for unloading and loading of baggage and cargo onto aircraft. Belt loaders are used for narrow body aircraft, and the bulk hold of wide body aircraft.
Passenger Boarding Steps/Stairs
Passenger boarding stairs or aircraft steps are provided for aircraft with high or low doorsills.  All units have adjustable height to accommodate various aircraft.
Pushback Tractors
We have different size of Pushback Tractors for different size aircraft and have also electric towbarless tractors in our fleet.
De/anti-icing Trucks
We have de/anti-icing service available at all airports we serve in Korea. These trucks have booms to allow easy access to the entire aircraft of all sizes.

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